New Term


Dear Minster and friends;

This week the new academic year begins, and scrubbed up children are heading into school and teachers are getting haircuts. And for Latimer Minster, the term is also beginning.

This Sunday the children and young people are moving up groups, and most of our activities will also be starting.

I am attaching to this email a few of the slides I will be showing  on Sunday, giving the shape for the term. These dates will also be on the website soon, but feel free to print them out or save them on your phone if you think this will be helpful for you. The main dates give you bonfire night celebrations and go right through to the Christmas season.

Also on Sunday I will be giving a short update on our progress so far following some of our consultations earlier in the summer and our intended schedule and process for moving forward together as a church into our vision for the next years. I am confident this will help us reach for some exciting goals and dreams, whilst also making other aspects clearer as we move forward. So in a way it might be moving up Sunday for all of us!

I so look forward to seeing you this Sunday, and to sharing all that the Lord has planned for us together over the next years.

With much love








We are looking at gathering a small team together to help plan and oversee bonfire night, if you would like to be part of this please email