Our Lord is Active

Psalm 105

Our Lord is Active. He is never ceasing in His creativity, His proactive sovereignty and His love for us.  Psalm 105 is full of action verbs as the author implores us to act and reminds us of God’s acts towards us, his people, through the covenant of Abraham.

It starts with roughly nine acts for those who are His. These are in essence great ways to begin every day and end our days as well. Connect with these right now:

  • “Give thanks to the Lord
  • Call on His name
  • Make Known what he has done
  • Sing to Him, sing praise to Him
  • Tell of His wonderful acts.
  • Glory in His holy name
  • Look to the Lord and His strength
  • Seek His face always
  • Remember the wonders he has done”

This first section of Psalm 105 can be summarized well in this phrase in verse 3:

“Let the heart of those who seek the Lord rejoice.”

This Psalm was written as a Psalm of Thanks in 1 Chronicles 16 and appears in more detail about the goodness of God and the keeper of promises to the children of Abraham.

“Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced, O descendants of Abraham his servant, O sons of Jacob, his chosen ones. He is the Lord our God!”

God is active in keeping his covenant with Abraham and his children. The Psalm changes from imploring us actively to showing the active nature of the promise keeper. Look at our amazing God through some of the action phrases:

  • “The king sent and released him (Jacob)
  • The Lord made his people very fruitful…
  • He sent Moses
  • He spread out a cloud as covering, and a fire to give light at night
  • He brought them quail and bread of heaven
  • He opened the rock, and water gushed out
  • He remembered his promise
  • He brought out his people with rejoicing
  • He gave them the lands of the nations”

And God did this so that “they might keep his precepts and observe his laws.”

Today, can you make a list of all that God has done for you and your family? Can you call list the active verbs like He gave, He provided, He healed, He moved, He…

And can you be reminded in your soul about the faithfulness of the covenant keeper, the one who has performed, who is performing and who will perform more miracles and activity in our lives than we can ever imagine?

Can we Praise Him for his goodness? Can we remember his precepts and observe his laws in grace?

“Let the heart of those who seek the Lord REJOICE.” Rejoice in the Lord today and celebrate how active he is in your life through active response of praise and glory and honor and seeking.

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