People of the Cross


Dear Minster and Friends,

I was deeply moved this week with a meditation on the cross from Don Horrocks at our weekly midweek communion. (It is on Wednesday mornings, if you are interested, starting with prayer from 8.30, and then with communion from 9.30-10am). These communion services have carried on through the life of our church, from the earliest moments in a sitting room in Beaconsfield, and they still are ongoing. When the barn was given a roof, the first act of worship was to sit on breeze blocks in a circle on the floor, and to break bread and share the cup together as Christians have done together since for 2000 years.

Although it has different names depending on your tradition (Lord’s supper, Communion, Eucharist, Mass) it is this focus as being a people of the cross that defines so many aspects of what it means to be a people of God…at a table, in fellowship, meeting in gratitude, with Christ with us by his Spirit, and also in Communion. Now the exact nature of ‘how He is with us’ in Communion is, like all important things, the subject of discussion and debate…but they all agree that God is with us.

In Luke 24, as disciples walk along the road, buffeted by the events of the last weeks, as they sloped away from Jerusalem, Jesus met with them, and discussed the Scriptures with them, and though their hearts burned within them, it wasn’t until he broke the bread that they finally recognised him.

Even today, and for many, the broken bread and the wine can be deeply moving moments of encounter.

And so, for this reason, and also for those who have other Sunday commitments, our early morning communion on a Sunday begins again in the barn,for the next two months. 8:30am – 9.15am Sunday morning…why not join us even if you have other plans and cannot make the main service. It is simple, often with acapella worship, and a short sermon on the same passage and theme as the main family service at 10:30am.

May we meet him on the road…and in the breaking of bread.

With much love,