Frog Orr-Ewing


Frog has an unusual name, the reasons for which are lost in family memory. After Graduating from Oxford University, where he studied theology, met Amy and was accepted by the Church of England for ordination, he then spent some time in the City of London as a stockbroker, studied some more theology and then worked as the Curate of St Aldates Church in Oxford. Then followed seven eventful years in central London, leading All Saints Church, Peckham. During this time the church experienced rapid growth, and pioneered new initiatives in community engagement, local transformation, youthwork and mission.

With Amy, he is co-author of ‘Deep’, ‘Holy Warriors’ and ‘Millennials’; and has recently submitted his PhD in nineteenth century churchplanting. Academically his interests are Applied theology, The Arts and Christian witness and missiology, and he has taught at universities in London and Oxford. Since 2010 he has been Rector of Latimer Minster, as well as Chaplain and Missioner for the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics with teaching responsibilities at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Frog and Amy have three energetic sons; Zachary, Elijah and Benjamin.