Tracy Cotterell

Tracy and her husband, John, joined the Minster in summer 2012. Her day job is to be Managing Director – Mission for LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity). A modern languages graduate, Tracy started work in the public sector with the then-nationalised British Rail, moved to the private sector as Planning and Board Director of an Advertising & Marketing Agency, before completing her Theology degree and joining LICC. She has a master’s degree in Bible and Mission and has completed the first year of her doctoral programme in Leadership and Spiritual Formation, in the States. Tracy and John have three adult children and two beautiful, but not very intelligent, long-haired cats. Tracy led the Scouting Party project for the Minster last year and is co-chair of the MLT.  She is deeply happy when engaged in a renovation project of some kind, even when they never quite get finished.

Tracy is Co-Chair of the Minster Leadership Team (MLT) which was commissioned in January 2020, with the mandate to ‘set and track the spiritual and strategic direction of the church’. The MLT consists of four staff, and six non-staff church family members, all of whom are deeply committed to doing whatever they can to help our church to thrive as a place of encounter with God, discipleship, and mission.