Dear Minster and Friends,

Things look different from a distance. I’m sure you can think of some examples; one for me is the way that the world looks so different when viewed from an aeroplane window. Everything looks like it’s in miniature; and things seems to move much more slowly.

Metaphorically-speaking, it’s not dissimilar with the situations we face in life. Often, when we’re in the midst of a challenging or emotionally-charged situation, things look a lot worse than they really are. That’s not to downplay the challenges or struggles we face; they are real, and they matter. They matter to God. But one of the greatest gifts that God can give us is a sense of perspective.

God is writing His story, throughout the entirety of space and time. He has a very different perspective than we do; and from time to time, He gives us the gift of being able to see things through His eyes. The end of His story has already been written, and it is very good.  And each of us are a part of that story; and, if we follow Him, a part of that very good ending.”

This week, in both our joy and our struggles, my prayer is that God will give us all the ability to see events, and also other people, as He sees them.

God bless,