Dear Minster and Friends,

This has been a turbulent week in our nation – filled with confusion, disorder and disarray – especially in the political sphere. As Christians though our hearts may ache and our minds can feel overloaded- we can also bring all this to God – it is called prayer.

The German theologian Karl Barth said :”To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.” I think he was onto something – prayer is the human heart, mind and soul saying to God – ‘this is not okay- I can’t wort this out- We need your help’

We have another opportunity to join together as a family, as a church this week in worship and in prayer- with a chance to find out from God’s word what he might say to us this week. I am certain this is the best way to spend a few hours on Sunday morning and I so look forward to see you then!

With much love,



Children’s Church
Just a reminder that this Sunday the children will be leaving the service after the first song as normal, however, Minis, Mega and Ultimates will all go to the Big Barn first to be signed in. They will have 30mins altogether in the Big Barn then go to their separate groups, so will need be picked up from their usual groups;

Mini Minsters – Creche Tent
Mega Minsters – Big Barn
Ultimate Minsters – Small Barn

Winter Guide

Our new winter guide for 2019 is now available for you to view online! Click here to view it.