Bacon Butties and Big Questions and the Fire in Kensington!

Dear Minster and Friends

In honour of Father’s day we are cracking out bacon butties before the service this Sunday.  Sizzling bacon will be served to anyone (male or female, young or old!) who would like to come early and enjoy some chilled out breakfast together.  We will be serving breakfast from 9.30-10.00am, and then refreshments and coffee as normal will be served from 10.00-10.30am.

Then in the main service I am delighted for us to have Mari Ovsepyan addressing the question “Fear of Missing Out or Fullness of Life.” This is a growing question, especially amongst younger people who have been more deeply impacted by the internet and social media.  The unintended consequences of seeing lots of bragging pictures and posts can be that we fear that we may be missing out on having some kind of fun.  This can not only steal our peace, but lock us into indecision.  Come and be inspired and do bring friends.
Mari is already known to several members of the Minster, including some of our young people, and she has spoken for us in local schools and is in increasing demand as a speaker around the world.  In Russia she completed her education in linguistics and teaching, became immersed in poetry and the arts, spent time in the USA as a Fulbright scholar, doing postgraduate work in Psycholinguistics, and then moved to Oxford, joining Amy and I at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and at Wycliffe Hall.


And finally – and a stop press.  Several of you may know that we have a mission project working in Westbourne Park, West London, (It used to be headed up by Bola) and which is working closely for mission with a local community church and the Eden Project leaders in Ladbroke Grove, Jamie and Theresa.  The Latymer  Community Church is in the middle of Grenfell estate and was open caring for people from 2am till 10pm.  They are longing to continue to help a devastated and traumatised community for the longhaul, whilst caring for them personally and practically in their time of immediate need and crisis.  We are helping them and have set up a dedicated bank account of Latimer Minster which will be able to meet the needs for the next year once the main crisis has died down and the long-term job of rebuilding a community begins.  The details are below.  I will be visiting the church leaders tomorrow and also taking a small team of us down on Sunday morning to minister to the congregation, helpers and families.

If you or your friends or neighbours want to help – the greatest need now is for funds – please deposit them at the dedicated charity account of
Latimer Minster

Minster Fellowship
Barclays a/c 83164004
Sort code is 20-45-45
And state Grenfell

You can see the statement on the community church website asking for donations to go to this fund

We have cherries ripening!! If you’d like to pick some from Sunday onwards- bring some punnets and either make a donation at the welcome table in the tent, or pick an extra punnet for Stampwell Farm! If anyone wants to experiment with making jam or treats- we would love to see your creations! (If you come mid-week, please sign in by the front office).

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