Big Question! “Is Religion Dangerous?”

Dear Minster and friends

Everyone has big questions that deserve well thought through answers.

Over the next few weeks we will be asking, exploring and answering some of the most pressing questions of our age.  This Sunday we are going to be replying to the question ‘Is Religion Dangerous?’.  After the terror attacks of recent weeks many of our friends and neighbours are asking this question and we have changed the order of the talks to make sure we can answer this one on Sunday, while the question is still alive in our thoughts and conversations.

Please feel free to invite friends to these special services in June.

Also this week we are pleased to have U.S. Rapper ‘Da Truth’ joining us and exploring the answer to this question in a hip hop track ‘religion’ – which answers this question in a really meaningful way.

And then this Sunday evening the Young people will be hosting the youth service in the Barns.

I Look forward to seeing you this weekend.

And please remember to be in prayer during the coming days as we await the outcome of these elections and continue to pray for our nation and leaders.

As Ever,

Up Coming:
11th June Is Religion Dangerous?  Simon Edwards

18th June Fear of Missing Out? or Fullness of Life?  Mari Oversyan

25th June Does Truth Really Matter?  Simon Edwards

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