Now is the time…

Dear Friends,

The last few years have been such an adventure, both for Latimer Minster, and for Stampwell Farm.  A new church congregation with a mission call and a farm on its way to restoration.  Over the last 4 1/2 years we have secured the farm with gates and fences, cleared the site of all detritus and devastation, ploughed and sowed the fields, worked on the ancient orchards to allow apples, plums, cherries and cherry plums to be enjoyed, started a market garden, installed water, toilets and electricity, repaired and re-roofed the barns and opened the site up for the enjoyment of hundreds and hundreds every year.  On top of this we now have a vibrant congregation who have grown side by side with this amazing farm, providing excellent worship, teaching, children’s ministry,youth and schools work.  All of this has been done alongside the ramshackle farmhouse- and church has met in a tent!

Now the time has finally come to begin the next phase of the physical transformation to serve the greater cause of being a Christian community, which will reach, raise, release and resource the rising generations.

In the last few weeks Frog and Amy were able to put in our full planning application to allow a restoration of the farmhouse, the repair of the road, beautiful landscaping, a new barn-style church building, and some cottages which will be for sale to local people and will contribute funds for work on the listed buildings.  If this application is successful, the work can begin quickly to allow us to have a building which incorporates all the stuff we love about the tent- but eliminates one or two of the drawbacks!

Your support at this important stage in prayer and in the practical writing of a letter or email is important as we believe strongly that this plan will look beautiful and will serve the church and local area for generations to come.

With much love and thanks for your support,

Frog and Amy

* If you would like to write in support of this application, the deadline for comments is Tuesday 18th July. Please email [email protected] for the details.
You can view the application here, and enter HP9 2XD, and pick up more info on Sunday. 

This Sunday
Frog will be continuing to speak on 1 John, come for refreshments at 10:15am.
After the service, we need volunteers to clear away nettles around the Play Tent or Play Area. Feel free to bring a picnic too!

Prayer Requests
Please do pray for the planning application and God’s continued favour.
Please also pray for our church plant in Ascot, who are hosting a summer celebration this Sunday for their community.

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