Truth Really Matters!

Dear Friends,
Last sunday we began a new series exploring the book of 1 John. One of the major themes within the book of 1 John centres around truth and what it means to live in light of the truth about Jesus. We all crave truth whether we acknowledge it or not.  We all want to know what is real and what is not real?  We might find ourselves asking questions like “do you really love me?”  Is this how life is really meant to be? Is this who I really am?”

We all want to know how to live real and true lives. And yet we live in a world full of lies.  A world lying to us about who we are, what will really satisfy us, what will give us meaning.  And we begin to believe those lies because our heart is also decietful and cannot be trusted. (Jeremiah 17:9) And so we find ourselves rudderless, anchorless and without a compass in a stormy ocean of deception drowning in despair.  We are in desperate need of truth because it is only truth that will rescue us.

One of the startling claims that Jesus’ makes as recorded in the gospel of Luke is that he is The TRUTH.  (John 14:6) Notice Jesus does not say “I am a truth, or I merely speak words that are true but rather he himself is the truth.  Truth is a person. Ultimate truth is found in a person. We can discover what it truly means to live by relating to the person of Jesus Christ.  He is the truth that really matters.  What he thinks of us really matters…what he does for us really matters…what he says to us really matters!!


CHURCH COMMUNITY PROJECT: Why not come along this Saturday morning to help clean our church tent? This is a great way to serve our community and give back to the farm we all enjoy- and we still need extra hands to make it worthwhile.
Morning starts at 9:30am and finishes at 12:30pm- there will be childcare and refreshments.
Email [email protected] if you’d like to join.

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