What’s Coming Up

Dear Minster and Friends,

Just a short email this week to draw your attention to a few things coming up over the next few weeks.

Firstly – it was so good to welcome a number of new people to our church family at the Newcomers Lunch last week. If you have not yet received a lunch invitation then please email [email protected] and we would love to have a chance to get to know you better, and hopefully introduce you to leaders of one of our midweek minster communities.

Secondly- Bonfire Night is nearly upon us and this will take place on Saturday 4th November at 4:30pm.
We have such a wonderful evening planned, with refreshments, sparklers, marshmallows, kids activities, bonfire and fireworks. This is one of the most important events we do for friends, families and neighbours. It is family friendly and totally free of charge (though we do allow donations) which is a rare type of celebration these days. We have wet weather plans in the tent and all safety protocols will be followed. Please bring as many friends as you like from work, home or school and college and join in the fun.

And thirdly – There’s lots coming up over the next few weeks:

Saturday Nights, from 6.30-8pm – The next service is on Sat 11th November. This service is for and led by our own youth and youth from the other local churches. *If you’d like to help set up, clear down, or provide refreshments for this, Ollie would love to hear from you! [email protected]

Sunday morning prayer, 9.45am – We meet in the Front Office- all are welcome.
10am refreshments
10.30am Sunday service with children’s and youth church. This Sunday, I will be preaching on Jonah chapter 3.

We have a short Communion service at 9.30am every Wednesday in the Small Barn, which is open to all- especially shift workers and those around during the day. It is preceded by 30 mins of prayer.

Prayer- Please pray for Tim and Vanessa Norman and Latimer Minster Ascot. They meet on Sunday afternoons in the Ascot area and are hosting two Alpha courses each week at the moment.
To inform your prayers and for more information go to www.latimersascot.org
Or maybe join them one Sunday afternoon, especially if you have friends in the area.

Anchor Youth Weekend- Next Friday to Sunday, youth from the local area will be joining together to explore their mission and adventure as young people seeking to live for Jesus at school and through their CU’s. If you’d like to come, please fill in an application form asap, so we know how many to cater for. Email [email protected] or go to www.theanchorhw.co.uk

This little picture was taken of a butterfly in the log store! Check out the @latimerminster instagram account or @missionalfrog on twitter for more pics like this!

With much love,


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