Write it down and run with it!

Dear Minster and Friends

God spoke to Habbakuk one day, after he had been struggling over the injustice he was seeing in the world, and the Lord replied to him and said:
‘Write this – write what you see.  Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run’ (Message translation)
Other translations say ‘make it plain so a herald can run with it’ (NIV)

The word of God, an answer, came for the prayerful prophet which wasn’t for mystical meditation but was intended to be made clear – so clear you could read it on the run, or someone could grab it and run with it to tell others.  Like the billboards made to be read as we speed by on a train, or a baton made to be passed on by runners – the messages of God are often designed to be shared, and the things he shows us should be explained clearly.

God has made the gospel very clear and easy to understand, and we should grasp it, and run with it!
God wants to speak to his people, and we should be on the look out for his will and the ‘work of his fingers’ (Psalm 8) and trust that much if the word of God is easy to understand, even if it takes a lifetime to live out!

This week we are putting in the planning for the new church building – we will have some copies of some of the plans printed out available for congregation members to look at this week.  In our Sunday services over the next month we will have copies on display and describe ways in which you can have your say and engage with the process once Chiltern Council have given out a reference number specific to our application.

We continue to pray for favour in this, while at the same time remembering that it is God’s clear word, that we run with, that saves lives and transforms our destinies.   I pray that a new building and restored site will help us to do this more effectively and will be a place where we can continue to offer generosity and hospitality to the world around us.

With love


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