Refuge from the Storm


Dear Minster and friends,

“Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.” Psalm 2:12

A refuge. On the mountains in the alps, as a shelter from the storm, as a hiding place in times of war. This is what the word ‘refuge’ denotes.

There is a certain blessing in knowing where to go when circumstances become less than hospitable.

Mountain communities, whether in Scotland or Switzerland or Italy, have long known that you cannot always make perfect plans that can cope with extreme weather conditions, and that weather can turn from sunlight to snowstorm in a matter of minutes. Good planning and excellent clothes can prepare for many situations, but sometimes you need a refuge – a place to be until the storm has passed and conditions are right for travelling again.

The Psalms are filled with this analogy; the Lord is the refuge – not the church, not the state, not human institutions , however comforting they may be. There are times when they will just not do. The blessing is found in having our primary safety and identity in Him, in the Lord Himself.
It has been a stormy season these last few weeks in Britain. Great and ancient cities like Worcester, filled up with floodwaters, old trees lifted from the roots, and a new virus leaving travellers and towns in Asia trapped in quarantine.

If you are feeling unsettled today, will you place your soul in the Refuge, your heart in His care? Perhaps make a physical list of all that is concerning you and offer it up to the Lord. Cast your cares on Him for he cares for you. Meet with a friend or a loved one and together bring parts of your life out of the storms and into His safety. There is a blessing to be found when the Lord is the refuge.

With much love,