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Dreams and Prayers

  Dear Minster and friends, “Tell them about the dream, Martin; Tell them about the dream.” These were the words of the great African American Gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson, that prompted Martin Luther King to move into sharing ‘I have a dream’ in a sermon that has come to define a vision for a nation […]

Interpreting Dreams

  Dear Minster and Friends, We are all in danger of having thin or terrifying dreams.  Frederick Winslow Taylor, and industrialist from Philadelphia, began to imagine a revolution in manufacturing – where each task was broken down and perfected, and then workers would all exercise very specific tasks and roles – a factory, and though […]

Miracle Events

Dear Minster and Friends, In the last few days the language of miracles has come crashing into news reports, social media, tv and radio. I will admit that it was two football triumphs in a few days that provoked these words and outbursts of worship … ‘glory, glory Tottenham Hotspur’. The Liverpool victory was the […]

Daniel: Being a stand up person in a bow down world (week 1)

Daniel: when God leads you into Exile. Daniel 1: 1-7 Daniel was taken captive to Babylon during the first invasion by Nebuchadnezzar (605-562BC) at about the age of 16.  He was from among the elite  young men of Israel; physically impressive, intellectually astute and socially poised. A key aspect of Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion strategy was to take […]

Easter Crossroads

  Dear Minster and Friends, Easter is here! And just like Jesus’ journey went from the cross to resurrection, so we too, like millions of others around the world and down through the ages, consider the journey that Jesus made in order to open up a way for us. We are invited to remember the […]

Seeking Godly wisdom together

  Dear Minster and Friends, “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us” Acts 15:28 The process of finding and discerning the will of God is a fascinating and exciting process. Done best, it is done in community and in the flow of the Holy Spirit. Done best it is done with others, […]

Being hospitable

  Dear Minster and Friends, Spring has finally sprung! The last few Sundays the sun has been bright, the blossoms fragrant and the birds have been sweetly chirruping.  What a treat for us to be able to worship God in our beautiful setting at Latimer Minster, and also to be able to share our farm […]