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A Christmas Wreath

Dear Minster and Friends, I was struck by a sermon by Tim Keller today, especially on a day when the nation is going to the polls, on generous relationships, which drew my attention to the ancient Saxon words behind the English word for anger…wrath. Luke 17:3-10 According to Keller, the underlying Old English root […]

A Very Minster Christmas

  Dear Minster and Friends, It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas! Christmas is nearly upon us, but Advent, where we are now, is a time of joyful waiting. We eagerly await the celebration of our Saviour’s coming; and also, His triumphant return, which we know will bring the full consummation of the victory He […]

The Season of Singing Has Come

  Dear Minster and Friends, ‘The season of singing has come’ (Song of Songs 2:12) I saw a tree yesterday. Midwinter, and the leaves were gone, except for the last leaf on each branch wasn’t just hanging there, it was also sprinkled in bright green leaves. Clearly not all the branches had ‘got the memo’ […]

A Very Minster Christmas

  Christmas is always such a lovely time here up at the farm and we look forward to welcoming lots of visitors! Click here to view these services on our calendar! This year we encourage you to take and share posts/pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the tag #aVeryMinsterChristmas (please do get […]

Bonfire Night

Dear Minster and Friends, This Saturday is our annual Bonfire Night, which we’re really excited about! We will have lots of tasty hot food, hot chocolate and coffee, sparklers, a fire show and fireworks. We really encourage you to invite others to this wonderful, FREE event! Also our Early Morning Sunday Communion services are starting […]

In the busy-ness

  Dear Minster and Friends, Just lately, I’ve been quite busy. But then, who isn’t busy these days? One of the most common answers I receive to the standard question “how are you?”, is “oh, busy”, or something similar. An all-pervasive features of modern life, it seems, is busy-ness. Being busy isn’t necessarily a bad […]

What catches your attention?

  Dear Minster and Friends, The life of a home schooling mum is never dull and right now the change in weather gives a fantastic opportunity to learn new things. If you take a look around the farm, or pretty much anywhere damp and moist just now, you’ll see mushrooms sprouting up. Having had a […]

Swimming on land and walking on water

  Dear Minster and Friends, Jesus walked to them across the sea. They were terrified. They thought they had seen a ghost. Peter- usually one to act first and think later called out ‘if it’s you Lord, call for me to come to you over the waves’ and as Jesus responded, he clambered over the […]

Bonfire Night 2019

  We had a wonderful evening at our bonfire night last night, despite the sheer amount of rain!! Roughly 300 people came up to enjoy the bonfire and amazing fireworks display, also the wonderful food and hot chocolates! It was lovely seeing so many people from the church and also those who had never come […]