Between 21st – 25th November we will be having a week of mission!

Rethink is a chance to invite our friends and neighbours to a series of events which will encourage a ‘rethink’ of our priorities and ideas instead of just stumbling into our future. It is also a chance to rethink what they may think about the Christian faith and why we believe what we believe.

We have well over 10 churches in the region committed to over 50 different events, mostly concentrated on the Wednesday to Sunday of the week. With chances for all types of people to start meaningful conversations which they can continue with us over the following weeks and months. All the churches have enthusiastically partnered with the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (which Amy Orr-Ewing is the Director) to help assist them in this regional ‘rethink’.

Click here to find out more information and see the full list of events we have going on during the week!