Rethink and Planning

Dear Minster and Friends,

Joint Worship and Prayer for Rethink 
This Wednesday (14th November!)
7:30pm – 9:30pm in the Tent

In John 17, we learn that Jesus’ great prayer for the Church is that we would be one, just as he is one with the Father. Jesus goes on to explain that this prayer is so the world may believe that he is sent by the Father, and therefore is all he claims to be. As we stand together with 11 local churches on the verge of a week of mission, seeking to invite people to come and know that Jesus is all he says he is, we have an opportunity to participate in one small answer to that great prayer.

In two days time, we are hosting an evening of prayer and worship in partnership with local churches as both a statement that we are one in Christ, and with an intent to pray as he taught us, for his kingdom to come in south Bucks as it is in heaven. As we gather around the cross to lift the name of Jesus high through worshipping together, and contend for God’s kingdom to come through this week of mission, we believe that amazing things will happen and God will prepare the way for the lost to come home! We invite all those who are a part of this family to come and participate in this evening, whether this is something you’re used to or not! We believe that God really does answer our prayers!

Rethink – smaller events

Please do continue to pray about who you could invite to any of the events during rethink. As well as the larger events we have planned; two community groups are kindly opening up their groups for others to attend and invite others to also. Dinner will be provided so please do email if you would like to come to either of these evenings.

Details are;

Wednesday 21st November
Gerrards Cross – 7pm – 9:30pm
Topic: Is God fair?

Wednesday 21st November
Flackwell Heath – 7pm – 9:30pm
Topic: Does God speak today?


As I mentioned in my blog last week, we have a committee meeting on 22nd at 6:30pm at the Council Chamber, King George V House, King George V Road, Amersham. We would encourage anyone who is not attending the Men’s Movie Night to come along to show your support.

We’ve now read the planning officer’s report ahead of the planning committee meeting, which isn’t currently favourable towards the church building or the repair of the driveway. Here are a few things you can do to show us support;

1. Pray

2. Below is a list of the councillors on the planning committee. If you know any of the committee members personally or if they are your local councillor, we’re asking if you would mind writing to them personally as a resident to them to show your support before the committee meeting on the 22nd.

Councillor Don Phillips  (Chairman) (Little Chalfont)
Councillor Mark Titterington  (Vice-Chairman) (Holmer Green)
Councillor Julie Burton   (Penn & Coleshill)
Councillor John Gladwin   (Prestwood & Heath End)
Councillor Murray Harrold   (Central)
Councillor Caroline Jones   (Amersham Common)
Councillor Peter Jones   (Balinger, South Heath & Chartridge)
Councillor Jane MacBean   (Asheridge Vale & Lowndes)
Councillor Siddharth Patel   (Seer Green)
Councillor Nick Rose   (Cholesbury, The Lee & Bellington)
Councillor Jonathan Rush   (Central)
Councillor Jonathan Waters   (Penn & Coleshill)
Councillor John Wertheim   (Austinwood)

If you’re unsure who your local councillor is you can find out here;

3. We have been advised that it is favourable to get as many people as possible at the planning meeting, including babies and children, particularly as a lot of the men will be at the Men’s Movie Night. Our children wrote in support of the new church and their voices need to be heard and not ignored.

I am convinced that there is a future for our community on this site which is valuable, creative and spiritually powerful, and I would love the committee to see that this should not be a business as usual kind of meeting!

With much love,


News & Events

Prayer & communion
We will not be having Wednesday prayer and communion here on 21st November. Instead we will be going to the joint church prayer meeting at St. Joseph’s in Chalfont St Peter at 8:30am. Everyone is welcome so please do join us.

21st – 25th November – rethink
We still really need helpers to serve during our rethink events. Click here to sign up to help.

To see a full list of the events we have planned during rethink click here.

We do have a bursary available for the Women’s Gathering Afternoon Tea so please don’t let the cost put you off attending. Please email if you’d like to discuss this.


Click here to sign up to help with any of the events we have happening during Christmas!

If you have and are willing to lend or donate any of the following;
Fern leaves or other foliage for wreaths and garlands
Extra fairy lights
please email

If anyone has any desktop computer supplies they no longer need and would be happy to for us to use for our Christmas decorations then please email