Shaggy Hair Day


Dear Minster and Friends

The shaggy haired days for King Neb. in the book of Daniel were no throwback 60’s or 70’s fashion statement. In his time of difficulty and humbling, and when for several years his normal functioning escaped him, his hair became like eagles feathers, and his nails like claws.

He was given every chance to ‘stop sinning and do what is right’ but he chose not to. And the man whose grip on power was absolute, and for whom image was everything, found himself losing his grip on reality, and the once golden visage, glimmering in the sunshine, became overshadowed with a season of torment and wildness. The world’s most sophisticated ruler became feral.

It makes for tough and challenging reading for all of us, and perhaps also for those who aspire to be leaders in any sphere, that those qualities which we value most will one day fade away. The razor wit may become a blunt tool, the body and image may become pedestrian and every day, power and security at also slip from us as it did for this most mighty of men.

It inspires us, I hope, to pray for those in positions of leadership, that they could learn leadership and wisdom willingly, without having to have these lessons thrust upon us. This sits with us as we pray for our political leaders, especially at this tome when a new Prime Minister is being chosen.

We can invite personal transformation, character change and a malleable conscience before circumstances demand them and it may be too late. It will be the years of decision making which will serve us best in a crisis.

I look forward to seeing what we can learn together on Sunday and in the the daily devotional.

With much love,





7pm – 10:30pm
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