Story to tell


Dear Minster and friends,

“Let the Redeemed of the lord tell their Story, those he redeemed from the hand of the foe.”
Psalm 107:2

In a world saturated with media where we are bombarded by opinions, celebrities and news, when we are encouraged to feast and binge on content, on TV box sets and new releases it can, ironically be hard to think about our own stories properly.

The Bible is God’s wonderful story of a relationship, a love story (song of Songs); a ballad (Psalm 107); history and Biography (the gospels) and ultimately God loves to weave his people into every new chapter. He also encourages us to know our stories and tell them to each other and to others. Stories that are real, authentic, transparent are so much more important, and so we should not feel pressure when telling our stories to paint ourselves as the hero or the villain, the victim or the victor. We do not have to tweak our stories with a new filter that thins our face or smooths our wrinkles.  We do not have to get the camera angle just right before we can share it.

The truth is, God is in the habit of rescuing those who cry out to him (as psalm 107 repeats several times), of helping those that he loves. God is also there for the heartbreak and the pain, the crisis, the anxiety and the disappointment, and the ugliness and failure. There is a bigger story, which is ours – that he loved us, gave his life for us, and invited us to know him forever.

Maybe this week, consider telling your story, the story of your relationship with God to someone else, perhaps grab a journal or type up a diary entry and start to put it down. If you have children – do they know the story of your walk with God?  With some friends take time to listen and take time to tell your story this September.

With much love,




We are looking at gathering a small team together to help plan and oversee bonfire night, if you would like to be part of this please email



Some of the children will be moving on this Sunday, if you’re unsure whether your child is moving up please email or speak to Anna. To celebrate this occasion the children will have doughnuts and play games together on the Sunday morning.


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