Sweeter than Honey


Dear Minster and friends,

At this time of year, with the butterflies and bees working away at full steam, the sun out, and the hay ripening in the fields, perhaps there is no better season to take some refreshment. Twice a year a group of leaders within our congregation gather to encourage and equip women within our church, their friends and the wider community. This Saturday the Women’s Gathering have organised a day with the theme is ‘Sweeter than Honey’

“How sweet your words taste to me, they are sweeter than honey”

I am an enormous fan of honey. From my childhood, happiness was made complete by my grandmother who often collected me from school and treated me to a mound of honey sandwiches. Each dollop, dribble or spread of honey carries difference in fragrance, consistency, colour and taste, in a way that a spoonful of sugar never could or would. It is not the quantity, but the taste that makes me want to sing, and when I travel around the world, one of the first things I look for is a little local honey to sample at breakfast, or in a drink, or on a bit of bread. Each area, with planted and wild flowers, creates a new and unique type of honey, and the bees also alter the taste.

In Africa, there is a small brown bird, unremarkable in almost every way, known as a honeyguide. They direct and call out to human beings in Africa, and some parts of Asia, leading them to wild bee colonies in the trees. Experienced honey catchers work with these birds, retrieve the honey to eat and sell, and the birds swoop in to eat the grubs and the wax which they so enjoy. As a child I watched these birds call, swoop, flap and perch, getting our attention and leading us to the honey we loved.

If God’s word can be sweeter for us than honey, then those who bring us to this amber heaven are like the honeyguides. If you are in need of some sweetness, in need of energy to sustain your life, may I warmly commend this retreat day to you on Saturday. It is intended for women and girls, with speaker, space for prayer and reflection, and incredible refreshments, all in the perfect setting of Stampwell Farm.

All details are below.

With much love,





9:30am – 2:30pm
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