The Season of Singing Has Come


Dear Minster and Friends,

‘The season of singing has come’
(Song of Songs 2:12)

I saw a tree yesterday. Midwinter, and the leaves were gone, except for the last leaf on each branch wasn’t just hanging there, it was also sprinkled in bright green leaves. Clearly not all the branches had ‘got the memo’ and had ignored both autumn and winter and were pressing in for the spring.

Christians in this country have always approached this season in this way. Although pagan beliefs wrestle with death as the winter kicks in, Christians have looked for those signs of life, of nature-defying green that speaks of our place within the world. We are the leaves of spring in winter. We are the ‘holly and the ivy’, and the ancient yew, covered in fruit and berries even in the snow.

And carols. Carols are the celebration of joyful Christ filled singing when the frosty winds may moan. The season of singing has come for us in Christ. If there is winter  in the land and a perpetual chill cloaks our politics or businesses then our churches take it outside and sing with the breath of Aslan (as C S Lewis might put it).

We at the Minster are committed to singing hallelujah to the storms, peace to the winds and Joy to the World.

So may invite you to join me in regular singing, prayer and generosity over this season.

Pray together- Pray for ourselves, our generation and this nation.

Learn together- from 2nd December Amy Orr-Ewing will be releasing a new advent devotional on Facebook and Instagram each day upto Christmas Eve, meditating and celebrating the wonder of Christ and what he means to us. Please join together and maybe share these with your friends (in real life and maybe on social media!)

Sing together – throughout December plenty of chances inside and out to join with creation, animals, and each other in joyful carolling at all our special services.

Give together – let us be generously faith filled in our finances. Giving like it is spring, giving like we mean it not hoarding like the squirrels for the winter, but those whose tables and hearts are full of welcoming the visitor and the outsider.

With much love,