Dear Minster and friends,

I hope you have been enjoying digging deeply into the life of Daniel as much as I have over the last few weeks. Tash has been writing a wonderful weekly email, which goes out on a Monday, which has been accompanying the preaching series and has sections for personal prayer or praying in groups or families available for every day of the week.

Daniel is a book which divides down the middle into actions (1-6) and visions (7-12). The stories of actions span three specific kingdoms and several confrontations. The visions have a much wider scope – in prayer Daniel is able to catch a sight of the sweep of nations, the span of time and the spirit of cultures.

We too, when immersed in confusing situations, complicated choices and painful confrontations would do well to be reminded that there are practical as well as an visionary solutions for every age. That the book of Daniel gives us specific examples of friends looking up to heaven and responding under pressure; and marries this to the view from heaven which assesses the politicians and communities.

As Christians we must find a way to celebrate those of us who have the ability to make right choices under pressure as well as those who are able to receive visions and interpret dreams. The Spirit of God is intimately involved in both sides of the coin.

And I dare to believe and pray, that we could see the Spirit of God develop both aspects of our community and our consciences – storymakers and visionaries. Time for both sets of chapters, room for both types of gifting, space and appreciation for both halves of the book of our lives. Jesus himself was both, so was Daniel, and though we may not fully develop both aspects as individuals; together, with the help of the Spirit of God, I think both can flourish and be fruitful. I wonder if you could commit to pray for this this week?

With much love,


Ps. the cherries are ripening, stay posted for times of picking!




This Sunday we will be joined for a few minutes after the service by Lucie Stone, of Briggs and Stone, the planning consultant who has been helping with the appeal process to the decision of the council in November last year. If you have received a letter from the council in recent days, we will be able to advise you as to what we might be able to say that might be helpful.

We really, really are in need of helpers, particularly teachers for youth on Sundays and the children’s groups.
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