Weekly Digest

Dear Minster and friends

I hope you are doing ok, in this very unusual time. As things are being shaken up in all sorts of ways, there are both great challenges and great opportunities. My prayer is that we are able to seek first the Kingdom of God in this, and to allow Him to grow us through the challenges we face; and to see the opportunities there are.

The weekly email for the next few weeks will be of a slightly different format. This is because we are already putting out lots of devotional material, so another devotional seems unnecessary; and also because we clearly will not have our usual notices in this time.

Instead, then, this email will act as a kind of weekly ‘digest’, with links to all we’ve been up to; and a information about what’s coming up.

For updates about what’s been going in the life of our church this week, please see my Tuesday and Thursday video updates in our Facebook group.

If you’re not yet part of the group, please do join!

The devotionals from Monday and Wednesday are also available on our Facebook group, following the link above. Frog’s devotional tomorrow will be posted to the group. In addition, Amy’s devotional from Monday is also available via our website.

Watch the video from last Sunday’s live stream.

For this Sunday, we will be live streaming something closer to a normal Sunday service; and we are aiming to live stream to both the Facebook group and YouTube (in case one of the streams drops).

Pastoral Care
We are getting close to having our new pastoral care structure fully operational, and are still hoping to have it in place by Sunday. The idea is that every person in our church is part of a Care Group. Each Care Group will have a leader, who will check in weekly with each member of their group. The leaders will feed back to Community Leaders, who will in turn feed in to the Pastoral Care Leadership Team.

The aim of this is not to be intrusive, so of course there is no compulsion for anyone to be part of a Care Group who doesn’t want to. However, I would strongly encourage you not to opt-out, unless you are really against the idea, as it will be a key way for us to maintain community, to look out for one another, and to communicate, during this unusual time.

You should hear from your Care Group Leader by the end of this weekend. If you have not heard from anyone by early next week, then please do let Steph Horrocks know: steph.horrocks@theminster.org; and she will allocate you to a group.

Care Groups will sit alongside, and be additional to, other formal and informal networks within our church.

Children and Youth
Hedy is sending out an email today, to all parents of children and young people. If you have not received this email, that means you are not on her list; so please do let her know, and she will add you: children@theminster.org.

I think that’s all the key information for this week. Please stay tuned to the Facebook group, particularly, for further updates and devotionals; and do join us on Sunday, at 10.30am, for our live streamed service!

May God bless you this weekend. Whatever you are dealing with right now, may He fill you with a supernatural peace; and His gift of faith.

Lots of love,

Chris and all the team