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Here you can expect to find information about our church, our farm, our network and our resources. We hope this will give you a good idea of who we are, how to find us, how to engage with us or get involved.

The best way to do this is to drop us a line, come visit us on a Sunday morning or just come for a walk and enjoy the beautiful space we have in Beaconsfield. If you are a social media type of person you may get a better sense by browsing Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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There is no bad weather - just bad clothing. With that in mind - bring umbrella & wellies! @LatimerMinster bonfire & fireworks are going ahead 4-6pm. we had plans for rain - there is a huge tent to keep dry, warm barn for cold kids, a massive bonfire & fireworks. 5.30pm 🔥 🎆

I desperately need a perspective of God’s greatness each day. Worshipping the Lord lifts our eyes from our dramas & circumstances so that we can see everything more clearly. When He's in his rightful place in our hearts & minds, it lifts us from worry, anxiety and discouragement.